JURMALA AIRPORT is located in the territory of the former army airfield.

TUKUMS airfield has been mentioned in historical sources since 1939 as a reserve militarny airfield of the USSR and a warehouse of the nuclear weapons.

Now Jurmala Airport is the base of world famous Baltic Bees Jet Team and venue of the biggest airshow in Baltic States! 

Below you can see a ARRIVAL PLAN to the airshow venue and parkings. 

There are 2 MAIN PARKING SPACES - Parking Nr.1 and Parking Nr.2


Parking Nr1. - the closest parking space to the Main Entrance Nr1 and Airport Terminal. At the arrival you will be guided to this parking space as the first one, as the other parking spots (excluding VIP) will open only after Parking Nr.1 will be full or there is a traffic jam to this parking. 


VIP Parking is located in front of Airport Terminal. Entrance to this dedicated VIP parking will be marked with signs. At the right turn to dedicated road leading to VIP parking, you will be asked to show your VIP invite or badge. 

Other parking spots will be available only if TWO main Parking spots will be full or there are traffic jams to these parking spots.